Christmas is coming…

It’s that time of year again: the John Lewis advert divides the nation, your morning coffee is delivered in a red cup, Mariah Carey blasts through offices across the country, and you can sense a family bust-up brewing in Albert Square. Yes…Christmas is coming!
Every year, hardworking professionals let out a collective ‘hurrah!’ as the holidays draw closer and invites for Christmas festivities flood their inboxes. For PR people, however, the work doesn’t stop at the mention of a party. The truth is that the flurry of meetings, parties and events we attend in the run-up to Christmas can be great for reinforcing relationships and helping to forge new ones, not only with clients, but with the media too.
These events actually offer a great way to meet other professionals in the PR industry, to learn more about our clients’ industries, and to spend some time with journalists over a few drinks. This last point is important, as putting a face to a name of a journalist that you often deal with over email can greatly improve your relationship and make the pitching process much easier.
Needless to say, the run-up to Christmas isn’t all about work though; no one is saying that. We are a sociable bunch at Rostrum and these events are also a great way to blow off steam and celebrate the end of another great year. But from a work perspective, there are definitely lots of other benefits too, which will carry on long after the corks have stopped popping.

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