How do businesses perceive innovation? What drives strategic decision-making around investment in innovation, and what barriers do SMEs come up against? How has the current COVID-19 pandemic impacted R&D, and how will innovation help put the UK on the path to recovery?

The Innovation Nation campaign designed by Rostrum for GovGrant engaged more than 500 SME decision-makers across a range of sectors to assess the state of boardroom innovation in various parts of the UK.

From concept and fieldwork, to results, whitepaper and design, Rostrum delivered this end to end campaign to establish what role innovation and R&D plays in the UK economy, cementing GovGrant as thought leaders in this space.

The research revealed that while three quarters of UK SMEs believe that innovation just 15% think the Government encourages innovation.

Other findings include:

  • 85% of businesses see innovation as important to the ongoing growth and success of their business
  • 83% of businesses are aware of the commercial benefits successful innovation can bring a business
  • But only 26% of businesses feel that their current activities are highly innovative
  • 42% of businesses see the barriers of innovation as opportunity, cost, and expertise

To bring these findings to life and to reach GovGrant’s key audiences, Rostrum produced an engaging Shorthand report which we promoted via key social media and PR channels to drive traffic back to GovGrant’s website and build authority for the campaign. We secured coverage for the campaign in The Telegraph and multiple trade publications including Start Ups Magazine and Industry Europe.

Read the full report here

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