Episode 6 of the Rostrum Agency podcast, ‘Managing Reputational Risk’ has landed. 

Hosted and produced by Rostrum’s in-house trainer and crisis lead, Grant Bather, episode six sees Grant discuss the legal implications of a negative reputational issue with Oliver Fairhurst from law firm Lewis Silkin.

Throughout the podcast Grant and Oliver return to the theme of preparation. They discuss steps organisations can take to mitigate internal pressures and cover off the general considerations that all businesses, large and small, should be mindful of – conscious of the fact that all organisations are different.  

Grant and Oliver also explore how the communications response differs based on varying circumstances, including if an entity is guilty of what they are being accused, or if they don’t know. All of these factors need to feed into a business’ approach to stakeholders, tone and more.  

The podcast also briefly examines case studies, including Aldi and Alton Towers, among others, as well as the role social media plays in a crisis.  

Rostrum’s monthly podcast series looks at all angles of a negative reputational crisis, from the viewpoint of HR, legal, compliance, comms and more. It also seeks to offer solutions and tips for proactive reputation management with guidance on steps that organisations can take to mitigate their exposure to negative reputational issues.  

Each episode provides real life examples, examines news agenda themes and invites guests from a variety of sectors and disciplines to give their own take on what a crisis is – and how they would manage a reputational issue.  

Previous episodes have included experts from the fields of HR, recruitment, politics, AI and analytics, and PR.    

Future episodes of the podcast include: 

  • The importance of having a team of media trained spokespeople
  • Managing social media during a crisis 
  • The additional reputational risks for listed businesses 
  • Building a ‘reputation team’ 

And more  

For more information on our previous episodes, check out the following link: Rostrum Podcast

‘Managing Reputational Risk’ is available on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music.

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