You’ll always get some people warning about having too much of a good thing – but at Rostrum, we’re not those people. When we decided to update our employee benefits, we thought: what would be even better than giving our employees six weeks of paid holiday each year? And the answer was: how about unlimited holiday each year, for them to use as they see fit?

We heard that Netflix did it. And Virgin. And so, even though we aren’t quite as big as those guys, we wanted to give it a try, especially when we read about the potential benefits for our employees.

Now, we couldn’t offer this perk to everyone – not yet. We still have a business to run, and we wanted to see how it would work in practice before rolling it out to the whole team. But we’re currently offering Unlimited Holiday to anyone who has been with us for more than three years – so, a select demographic, but one that is steadily growing.

And, so far, so good. Whereas people used to worry about ‘wasting’ their precious holiday when out-of-town friends come to visit – or to take a few days off for some winter sun – they can now relax and enjoy some hard-earned R&R when it suits them the most.

This latest benefit is just another way that we treat our employees like adults. And in some ways, that’s almost as exciting as the idea of unlimited holiday – the fact that we have a team of honest, hard-working and responsible employees that we can trust. While Unlimited Holiday may be a great benefit for them, it’s nothing compared to the benefits that they bring to Rostrum – and our clients – every single day.