It’s been a couple of months since we moved into our brand new offices on Rosebery Avenue in Clerkenwell. And Rostrum has changed more than just location. We’ve introduced two new styles of working– flexible working and hot-desking.

We now hot-desk, which means that no team member has a set desk, and everyone can work at any space that is free. There are lockers to store personal items in and the rule is to ‘leave desks as you found them’. It’s made us more environmentally friendly as we print less and recycle more. Most of us are used to hoarding paper and trinkets on our desks (whilst clearing out our old desks we found all sorts of items we didn’t know we had, from toothbrushes to out-of-date snacks.) Now we truly understand the phrase ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’.

Hot-desking enables those in the office to sit together and work collaboratively if they wish – meaning we can all use our new space most effectively. It also means people working on different accounts and teams can interact, building closer bonds as a team.

There’s a space in the office for everyone. If you fancy sitting in a quieter area of the office one day to get your headphones in and get a piece of work done you can, and then next day be back sitting with your colleagues brainstorming ideas across the desk.

A flexible working policy has also been introduced, which means we can work from home, or be in the office as much as suits us. Flexible working means we are able to avoid the commute some mornings, giving us more time to go to the gym, see friends before or after work, or whatever we want, giving us all an amazing work-life balance. It’s nice to be trusted to get on with our work, and most of us have found it’s made us even more productive!

Both of these changes give us so much more flexibility at work – and they feel new, exciting and progressive.

If you fancy popping in for a coffee to see our new office, get in touch with us at