Now entering the fifth week of lockdown, businesses across the country are looking for opportunities to keep their employees feeling engaged, motivated and healthy – both physically and mentally. And Rostrum is no exception. Ever since the Government’s guidelines compelled our staff to work from home, we’ve made a concerted effort to focus on our team’s wellbeing just as much – if not more – than when they were in the office.

To this end, we recently invited Simon Schmid, the lifestyle and wellness coach, to host a series of video chats with our team, covering topics ranging from diet and exercise to insomnia, isolation, and stress. The result was an engaging and enlightening discussion that left the team feeling positive, energized and ready to face the week.

The team loved having the chance to interact with such a motivating speaker, and Simon provided them with lots of practical advice and suggestions. He also hosted a lively Q&A session at the end so that the team could ask him specific questions related to their own goals and challenges.

Conversations like these are the perfect way to boost energy and encourage self-care, and the team is already looking forward to the next session. Listen to Simon’s podcast here: