For b2b marketers, an ongoing challenge is knowing how to find your prospective clients online – and, once you’ve found them, figuring out what content they’re engaging with, responding to and commenting on.

Social media enables us to accurately locate b2b buyers at all levels, and to understand what types of content tend to engage their interest.  At Rostrum, we call this ‘social listening’ and we see it as the intersection between PR/comms/social strategy and account based marketing.

Social listening enables us to identify potential customers by company, market, region, role and a host of other factors. We gather insights from buyers’ public profiles, comments and shares to build a picture of their behaviour online – and then we use specific tools to look for trends, themes and points of difference and commonality. Once that process has been completed, our research and insights team are able to use that information to empower account teams at the agency to build strategies and tactics for creating successful creative content and thought leadership campaigns for clients.

At Rostrum we’re big fans of the social listening process – it removes a good chunk of the assumptions and intuition that often informs campaign planning and it delivers real value for client marketing and business development teams. If you’d like to discuss a particular group of hard to reach clients or to map a market in which you’re interested, please do get in touch with our social team, who’d be happy to help