After six fantastic years in Clerkenwell Road, we’re really excited to announce our move to beautiful new premises in Rosebery Avenue.  Just around the corner from Farringdon station – and even nearer to the amazing street food market on Leather Lane – our new office has plenty of room for the Rostrum team, spanning two floors and featuring a range of workspaces and breakout areas.

But the new office is only part of the changes we’re launching this week: we’re also rolling out a new, modern and flexible way of working for all of our team. As a young company, we’re always looking for new ways to inject more life and energy into the office, and getting people to move around, share ideas, and interact with their colleagues a bit more seems like a great place to start.

Every year we conduct an annual Employee Engagement survey for all of our staff, and every year ‘working from home’ tops the wish-list in terms of employee benefits. So, why not go for it? We’ve hired the best people, we’ve trained them up, we trust them completely, and so why not let them choose how and where they work best? After all, if working from home helps our team to be more productive and generate great results for our clients – and improves their work-life balance at the same time – that’s great news for everyone concerned.

It’s a pretty big move for us, but we’re really excited about it. Especially after the past week, when more than 30 members of our team ditched the heat (and stress) of the commute and worked from home instead as temperatures climbed into the 30s. It was a great test for all of us, and the team – and the tech that supports them – passed with flying colours.

The best part is that everyone has the choice; working from home is an opportunity, not an obligation.

So, here’s to many happy and productive years in our new office, backed by a fantastic team that consistently delivers great results for our clients. Because that is one thing that will never change.