You never think that a crisis is going to hit your organisation, but you should always prepare for the fact that one could be just around the corner. That way, you’re in a far better position should one strike. If your business is affected by an issue, the damage can last far beyond the initial ‘hit.’

A crisis not only impacts the organisation, but also those around it – including regulators, suppliers, the local community, the wider industry and potentially shareholders – not to mention customers.

If your business experiences negative press exposure, you’re likely to see a fall in credibility which can create a domino effect. Potential recruits may avoid your company, and existing employees may look to leave. Customers may also become wary about using your products or services, leading to a reduction in sales and a knock-on effect on your suppliers. If it’s a big issue, then the government or regulators could get involved.

It’s also worth keeping in mind the local community and the business community as well. If it’s a big issue you could be ostracised, and employee and community relations could rapidly deteriorate.

Rostrum provides a one-day coaching session focusing on issues management including how to engage with journalists and other stakeholders should an issue hit, and how to move from a ‘crisis’ to recovery quickly and easily.

Each session can be tailored to your specific business needs. To find out more about our training programme check out our site or drop me a line at