Open any newspaper or news website and you’ll see stories about a business in crisis. It could be a well-known high-street retailer battling pension deficits, a tech company failing to ensure its data is GDPR compliant, or a company subject to a data hack – to give just a few examples.

For communications professionals, the first few hours of a crisis can shape stakeholder sentiment for your organisation – from customers to investors all the way up to regulators. It is therefore crucial that you get the tactics and tone right so that your business can come out of an issue stronger.

Rostrum is hosting a #RostrumReveals workshop on 10th September, looking at what happens in the first twenty-four hours of a crisis, in the eye of the storm, and how you and your organisation can ensure you’re on the front foot. You’ll also learn how to keep journalists on-side and how to prepare for a crisis.

We hope to see you there