At the end of each month, we celebrate the Rostrum team’s  effort and dedication with our ‘hit’ and ‘bit’ of the month competition. Each team puts their strongest piece of coverage (‘hit’) or client activity (‘bit’) forward, and winners are chosen based on how well the results met the goals of the client. This provides the team with the opportunity to benefit from shared knowledge and experience, while celebrating their successes.

So, without further ado, the winners for February are:

Hit of the Month winner – Dufrain – City A.M.  

The team secured a great opportunity with City A.M., a top tier target publication for its new client Dufrain, a market leading data solutions and consultancy company. In light of Lloyd’s of London’s potential office move, the piece focused on how to make sure the market has the right tools and data foundations to adapt to full hybrid working and embrace digital adoption. The piece was picked up in City AM online, the newsletter and in print.

Bit of the Month winner – Kearney – Capital Monitor

Following a new brief, and an initial meeting with Kearney’s new Global Director of Sustainability, Angela Hultberg, the team provided exceptional strategic counsel before a  journalist call they secured with Adrian Murdoch, Sustainable Companies Editor at the New Statesman’s sustainability publication Capital Monitor.

As a result of a successful conversation, coverage was achieved in Capital Monitor, with Angela as the lead spokesperson, and Adrian was confirmed as an attendee on an upcoming Kearney panel for Earth Day. The head of the sustainability team at Kearney was incredibly happy with the coverage and the opportunity stands as a powerful first piece of coverage for the new spokesperson.

Media Liaison of the Month winner: Izzy White  

In February Izzy secured and attended meetings with Richard Torne at Mortgage Introducer and Emilia Shovelin at This is Money. At the meetings she secured some strong insights for the team to help them to better understand the publications and what they were currently focusing on.

As always, winners chose their prize by either playing it safe and taking a £10 Deliveroo voucher or by spinning the wheel and doubling down on the chance for a £20 voucher or risk coming away with a wooden spoon prize like a banana or washing detergent.

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