One of my favourite things about the Rostrum Social Calendar is the variety offered throughout the year. Rostrum team members have climbed to new heights with Go Ape, rocked out to Justin Timberlake at the O2 and stopped an atom bomb with ClueQuest Escape rooms… and that’s barely skimming the surface of the adventures we’ve been able to go on. The newest challenge that faced us this week? Stepping into Kobox for the first time, a new kind of gym that styles itself as “fight club meets nightclub.”

We’re a fairly healthy bunch at Rostrum and so this proved to be a popular social. Eight of us arrived at the office on Monday with our gym kits in hand and ready to workout. At 5pm sharp, with a buzz amongst the team, we headed to the Liverpool Street gym ready to get boxing. We’d been booked onto the full-body bodyweight class but none of us were ready for what came next.

The class was split between bag work, which involved learning traditional boxing punches by hitting Aquabags, and HIIT training, swapping between the two 5-10 minute intervals.  Our trainer was relentless, making sure rests were minimal and we really got a sweat on. During the 50 minute session we learnt how to punch properly, learning the fundamentals of boxing using a numbers technique that was projected onto the wall, and powered through mountain climbers, toe touches and burpees to name of few of the heart-pounding exercises.

It was an exhilarating yet exhausting experience and we all left the gym a tad bruised and battered. It was well worth it though and we had a fantastic time. The adrenaline ride isn’t over however and we can’t wait for the next part of this social when we step back into the ring for round two later this month.