When working in PR it’s essential we stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the media.

So, every morning, we make sure to get together and go through the day’s papers. Our whole team takes half an hour to sit down and read through all the national papers as well as a few key trade magazines for our clients. It’s only the first half-hour of the day, but it really impacts what we focus on and who we speak to.

To make sure everyone gets a clear understanding of how each paper changes throughout the week, we make sure to keep everyone on the same paper for two weeks. During Paper Review, key areas or topics of interest are discussed, as well as flagging any new themes or issues that are worth keeping an eye out for. Of course, if we spot any client coverage, we make sure celebrate.

However, it’s more than just spotting coverage or looking for new trends. Paper Review means the whole team have a detailed understanding of the news agenda and how different publications and journalists tackle the issues of the day. It provides a real focus to our days’ work, while also giving us a chance to spot opportunities for our clients to contribute to or jump on the news agenda.

Of course, the speed at which news moves today, it’s also important we keep an eye on our Twitter feed to make sure any breaking news is flagged and immediately acted upon.

All in all, paper review is a great way to start the day and keeps our finger on the pulse of the news agenda.