For our latest social, the Rostrum team headed off to St John’s Wood to catch an exciting Twenty20 cricket match at the fabulous Lords cricket ground.

Armed with bottles of prosecco and generous amounts of picnic food from our ever-brilliant ops team, we took our seats to watch Middlesex face Somerset. The grounds were packed with eager fans, cheering, singing and enjoying the game. Mascots were dancing, flames shot out of the ground when batters were knocked out and spectators did their best attempt at a Mexican wave.

Now, we’re not experts on the sport, but a Twenty20 match was a great way for the team to understand a bit about cricket. Being a shorter and faster paced version of the game, we got to see Middlesex power through and take home the glory. We’ll been keeping our eye on whether they can take Hampshire in their next match.

Before we knew it, the teams were leaving the field, and the crowds began to head home. Full on quiche, sausage rolls and a few glasses of prosecco, we headed home as well.

It’s always great to have the team get together for a sport social. Having the chance to learn a bit about the game and chat outside of work is something we always love doing.