Recently, a group of us visited Go Ape treetop adventure in Battersea Park for another exciting Rostrum social.

When we arrived and saw the course, the size of it was suddenly much more daunting than expected – turns out Go Ape is not just for kids! We were hooked up into rather uncomfortable and unflattering harnesses and off we went.  It’s safe to say we underestimated the height and very quickly it wasn’t so funny. The team followed each other round as we wobbled, crawled and swung our way across the treetops – encouraging and supporting those who were more afraid than others.

Just as we were winding down after the final and triumphant zipline, we were informed that it was not the end – there was another two courses to complete! We conquered Battersea Park as a team, exhausted after all of the adrenaline, and happily enjoyed a cold beer and a pizza at the finish line to celebrate.

Team socials are a key part of Rostrum life and a great way to take that much needed time together outside of work to bond and have fun. Go Ape was just that and we can’t wait for the next social!