Celebrating the team’s achievements: January 2022 

Every month, Rostrum gets together to celebrate the team’s hard work and dedication with our ‘hit’ and ‘bit’ of the month competition. Account teams nominate a piece of coverage (‘hit’) or activity (‘bit’) that they are most proud of, and winners are chosen based on how well the results meet the needs and briefs of their clients. Not only does the team get the chance to celebrate successes, but we also use the opportunity to share knowledge and tips on best practice to secure excellent results in the future.  

So, without further ado, the winners for January are: 

Hit of the Month winner – Penfold – Sunday Telegraph  

Following an in-person briefing with Jessica Beard, Daily Telegraph, the team secured a comment opportunity on the impact of exit fees on peoples’ pension pots. As a result, they achieved a great hit both in print, on the front page of The Sunday Telegraph Money pages and online, with coverage of Penfold’s modelling figures and comments from their Co-Founder, which the client was very pleased with.  

Bit of the Month winner – ECI – Unlocked brand development and productions 

As a result of the amazing work the design studio has continued to produce for ECI, they came to us looking to develop a new sub-brand – ‘ECI Unlocked’ – which brings together leaders from their portfolio to share insights. As part of the brief, ECI wanted Rostrum to produce a new idea for the brand, including a logo, colour scheme, visual language and art direction to connect both the logo and the current ECI brand elements with ‘Unlocked’, before applying it to different collateral, including an event invite. The sub-brand will now be used across future assets, and is another example of the great work the Rostrum Studio continues to produce for this client. To find out more about our design capabilities, take a look here: https://rostrum.agency/services/rostrums-studio/  

Media Liaison of the Month winner: Adam Kellett  

In January Adam secured and attended two press meetings with Charles Orton-Jones at Business Age, and Hal Williams at Business Vision. At these meetings he gleaned some incredibly useful insights which helped the team understand the publications in more depth, allowing us to better tailor our pitches and stories to their audiences in the future. Adam also secured an interview with Ewan Somerville at The Daily Telegraph for the following month. 

As always, winners chose their prize by either playing it safe and taking a £10 Deliveroo voucher or by spinning the wheel and doubling down on the chance for a £20 voucher or risk coming away with a wooden spoon prize like a banana or washing detergent.  

Do you have what it takes to be a Hit or Bit of the Month winner? Visit our careers page to get more information on how you can join the Rostrum team.  https://rostrum.agency/work-with-us/ 

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