I started interning at Rostrum after completing my teacher training course. I wanted to try something different, despite having no experience in PR and was excited to learn more about the industry by working across a wide range of tasks as an intern.

Working mainly alongside the financial services team, I participated in paper reviews, covered articles for clients and updated coverage logs as well as calling journalists with article ideas. I also completed research tasks for a range of clients including finding calendar hooks for clients of industry events and conferences that they could attend and/or sponsor.

As my skillset grew, I was able to take on more challenging tasks such as writing early drafts of press releases. I found this challenging at first, but the team was great at guiding me, and researching and producing PR content for the team to review definitely gets easier with practice!

My advice for any intern joining an agency team is to watch/read/listen to the news every morning before work and note down any articles that might be relevant for your clients – that way you can flag any stories missed in paper review.

At the end of my internship I had discovered I really enjoyed working in PR with a team that is so supportive, friendly and welcoming. I also like that the agency is very sociable and holds many team events and get-togethers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my intern experience and was delighted to be offered a permanent role as a Team Assistant at Rostrum!

If you’re interested in joining the Rostrum team, get in touch at pleasecanihaveajob@rostrum.agency