We’ve all heard the horror stories about what an office-based working environment can to for your posture.   Most of us will have experienced a sore back or headache after a long week sat at a desk – especially if your chair, desk and laptop aren’t set up correctly – https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/office-posture-chair-hunch-back-doll-health-study-a9170316.html

But how do we ensure our joints and bodies are looked after when we work in an office environment? The answer is simple: Chair Yoga!

Recently, Rostrum were lucky enough to have Jennifer Dale from Chair Yoga London came into the office to teach us a series of easy poses and stretches to practice while sat in a chair.  It allows you to relieve the pressure on your joints without having to pull out a yoga mat in the middle of the office!

Chair yoga makes me feel more comfortable, calms my mind and helps me focus on what needs to be done for rest of the day. And above all, it was fun!

I really appreciate working in a company that actively cares about their employees physical and mental health.  I can’t wait to see what class is next!