Clients of Rostrum

What data does Rostrum hold?

Rostrum collects, stores and handles all client data which is provided to Rostrum by its clients as part of its day to day business activities. This includes confidential business information as well as personal data such as contact details including email addresses and telephone numbers.

During our business together, Rostrum may be required to collect, store or handle data relating to your customers. For Rostrum to receive and handle your customer data we must receive a clear request in writing, outlining the business purpose for us having this data and any data protection requirements we need to be aware of as outlined within your own privacy policies.

Why does Rostrum hold my data?

Rostrum collects this data to support its business activities as outlined in your PR Services Agreement. We are required to hold this information so that we are contractually able to provide our services to you.

Where required, Rostrum may need to pass business, personal or customer data onto third parties such as journalists and market research agencies. Your data will only be transferred upon receipt of written confirmation to proceed. Upon request we will contact the third parties and request this data deleted on your behalf.

Where does Rostrum store my data?

All client data, both business and personal, is stored on our SharePoint server. This information is only accessible to Rostrum employees who have a business requirement to access your data and information. Any data that is accessed outside of the SharePoint server is done so on a secure, encrypted device and promptly deleted, or uploaded onto the SharePoint server as soon as practically possible.

How long will Rostrum store my data for?

Rostrum will keep your business and personal data on file for the full duration of the PR Services Agreement between us. Following the termination of this agreement Rostrum will archive this information and store the archive for a maximum of six years after the end data of the agreement. Rostrum keeps this information for historical reference, both on the part of Rostrum and its client, as outlined in the PR Services Agreement.

Rostrum will store your customer data for up to 30 days following written notice that is no longer required, or, if no such notice is received, 180 days upon initial receipt of the data. If you require Rostrum to hold this data for longer than 180 days a further written confirmation will need to be sent to ensure this data is not deleted. It is the responsibility of Rostrum’s clients to inform their customers that personal data has been passed onto Rostrum and for the business purposes it will be used.

How can I access this data?

If you have any questions concerning personal data that Rostrum handles, including but not limited to:

  • Your right to access
  • Your right to correct
  • Your right to knowledge
  • Your right to object
  • Your right to deletion

Please send this request to We will revert with a Receipt of Request in 48 hours and provide a formal response within 28 days.

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