Businesses that provide services to Rostrum

What data does Rostrum hold?

Through the course of doing business together Rostrum will have the following data on our records: name and contact details, including email addresses, property addresses and telephone numbers. We do not hold any other information that could be qualified as personal data under the GDPR.

Why does Rostrum hold my data?

We have a legitimate interest in  holding your data because you are on our approved supplier list. We need your contact information so that we can get in touch to request services or products from you.

Where does Rostrum store my data?

All supplier data, both business and personal, is stored on our SharePoint server. This information is only accessible to Rostrum employees who have a business requirement to access your data and information. Any data that is accessed outside of the SharePoint server is done so on a secure, encrypted device and promptly deleted, or uploaded onto the SharePoint server as soon as practically possible.

How long will Rostrum store my data for?

Rostrum will keep your data for the duration of our work together. If Rostrum has not worked with you, or requested a quotation, for a period longer than 12 months we will delete your data.

Where you have produced work for our clients, or contributed to our own business services, this information will be kept for the duration of our relationship with the client. This does not include personal information, or any data that could be used to identify individuals which will be deleted as described above.

How can I access this data?

If you have any questions concerning personal data that Rostrum handles, including but not limited to:

  • Your right to access
  • Your right to correct
  • Your right to knowledge
  • Your right to object
  • Your right to deletion

Please send this request to We will revert with a Receipt of Request in 48 hours and provide a formal response within 28 days.

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Businesses that provide services to Rostrum

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