Every year we carry out an all-staff survey that allows the Rostrum team to give us honest and open feedback anonymously. The results of the survey not only give our agency management group a clear picture of the employee experience, but they also enable us to identify our strengths, areas for improvement, and key focusses for the year.

Our most recent survey revealed that training and development was a key priority, so we were delighted to see that 95% of Rostrum team members feel that we are committed to developing and supporting them.

When it comes to training opportunities at Rostrum, here are just a few ways in which we make sure the team gets access to a range of experiences and ways to learn:

1. Lunch ‘n’ learns

Lunch ‘n’ learn sessions form a key part of our learning culture at Rostrum. We’re all keen to hone our skillsets and expand our knowledge so that we can approach our clients’ challenges with fresh and unique perspectives. During our sessions, we invite various experts to talk to the team about industry topics and trends, or ask team members to draw on their own areas of expertise to share best practices. Nick Andrews, one of our Account Managers, recently explained how to use ONS data to create a compelling PR campaign, and a previous session looked at how to run a successful paid LinkedIn campaign.

2. Tailored training sessions

At Rostrum, we also offer tailored training sessions on a bi-weekly and monthly basis. These are personalised to employees at every level of the agency, based on their own unique development objectives. These often contain a mix of theory and practical elements, ranging from how to devise a presentation strategy, to using PR as a powerful tool for SEO. Training sessions like these are also an important way to keep our teams on top of the latest PR trends and digital tactics, such as using backlinks to support an SEO strategy.

3. Structured employee development plans

Individuals thrive when they feel valued and believe that their employer is truly invested in their career development. As such, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all careers at Rostrum; we help our people form a path that best fits their needs and interests, and that allows them to follow their passions. Whether that’s specialising in a specific sector, or developing an expertise in digital PR, our managers are here to offer advice and guidance – and the great news is, it works! Our survey also found that 100% of the team feel they can approach their manager with any problems or concerns, which helps us maintain a supportive, team-centric environment, and – we think – a great place to work!

Rostrum is currently hiring for a number of new roles, so if you’re interested in joining the team, don’t hesitate to get in touch on: pleasecanihaveajob@rostrum.agency