What is content marketing? The term is near-ubiquitous nowadays but it still bears examination in order to ensure that brands are focusing their efforts in the right way for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Content marketing means adopting a strategic marketing programme that is centred around producing and disseminating engaging, relevant, valuable content to attract and retain your target audiences with the goal of driving profitable customer action. Delivering content marketing services to your customer base should support increased sales, driving better referrals, improving customer loyalty and turning your content marketing programme into a profit centre. 

What sets content marketing apart from other forms of marketing is the focus on being relevant and valuable. It is the polar opposite of ‘spamming’ customers with irrelevant, sales-focused marketing material, instead focusing on providing customers with educative, insightful, useful content which in turn powers business decision-making and revenue growth. 

As a Top 5 UK B2B agency, Rostrum has built a strong reputation as a leading content agency serving both UK and global clients. We are firm believers in the power of content marketing and we believe in fully integrating your content marketing strategy so that all of the different elements work to reinforce, support and amplify each other, driving return on investment.  

Our content marketing services include digital publishing, thought leadership and social media marketing (your content marketing strategy should be decided before your social media strategy). Also included are SEO (because search engines promote content from businesses that publish quality, consistent output), PR, PPC, inbound and of course, content strategy.  

Good content marketing is often delivered in partnership with a trusted content agency – whether a specialist b2b content marketing agency like Rostrum or a more general provider. The right agency partner will bring creative thinking and fresh ideas to your content strategy – it’s a noisy world out there, so cutting through is vitally important if you are to be heard.


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Rostrum is a full-service communications agency, offering PR, content and influencer marketing, social media, training and design. We are among the UK’s top 5 B2B agencies and a PR Week Top 100 agency, specialising in financial services, professional services, consumer and corporate work, as well as crisis management, content and influencer marketing and social media. Rostrum creates campaigns and content to help our clients punch above their weight and we measure everything we do, delivering exceptional value for client budgets.