Social media has become an essential component of modern-day marketing. It’s a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience, create brand awareness, and engage with potential and existing customers. But with social media platforms constantly evolving, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends or algorithm changes, making it harder to optimise your social media strategy for success. This is where having a team of social media experts, like those at Rostrum, can help your business to execute an effective social strategy that reaches the people you want to speak to. 

The benefits of working with social media experts 

Agencies can specialise in creating and implementing effective social media strategies that help businesses achieve their goals, from establishing a social media presence to increasing engagement or improving overall performance. These experts should be up-to-date with the latest trends across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok and more, ensuring that social media strategies are always on the cutting edge. But when it comes finding the right agency, what should you consider? 

Expertise and experience

An effective social media team will have experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries. They’ll have the expertise and knowledge to create and execute social media strategies that are tailored to your business’s goals and objectives. 

At Rostrum, our social media team works with businesses ranging from law firms and mortgage lenders to pensions providers and HR experts. This gives us a breadth of experience that means we know what will and won’t work for a social media strategy, and what platforms are best for specific companies to focus their efforts on. As a full-service communications agency, our social media team also has the added benefit of collaborating with other functions across our agency, including PR, content and design professionals to create engaging and striking material for your social media platforms.  


Developing and executing a successful social media strategy takes time and effort. Not only are there multiple platforms to consider, but messages may need to be tailored to specific audiences and the fast-paced nature of social media can also mean plans need to change at short notice.  

By working with an agency like Rostrum, marketing teams can free up their time and focus on other essential aspects of their role, such as getting pen to paper on that next great marketing campaign. 


Hiring an in-house social media team can be costly. Working with an agency that has expertise in social media, can be a cost-effective alternative. Whether a business is simply looking to audit their social media accounts for advice on best practice, or if they’re looking for experts to work on a creative social media campaign, we can offer flexible pricing packages that are customised to business’ needs, helping them to get the most out of that all-important budget. 

Measurable results 

Social media agencies also use data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy. This helps you to identify areas for improvement and optimise your social media strategy for maximum results. 

In addition to using data to measure the success of your social media campaigns, agencies can also use data to inform the creation of new campaigns. By analysing audience demographics, interests, and behaviour, they can develop targeted campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your audience. This approach helps ensure that your social media campaigns are not only effective, but also resonate with your target audience, driving that all-important engagement and conversions. 

Crisis communications 

Managing social media isn’t always about developing great campaigns, but acting the right way when a crisis happens. Working with an agency can help companies to better prepare for challenges on social media and beyond, while also bringing in an outside view that can make the difference to firms successfully navigating a potentially damaging crisis. 

As an agency experienced in crisis communications, we help companies to prepare, adapt and overcome crises by developing crisis plans and content, monitoring channels and tracking how messages are received. 

Conclusion – the importance of social media experts

Social media is undoubtedly an important component of any comprehensive communication strategy. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Other vital components such as public relations, content creation, design, marketing, and more, need to be taken into consideration to ensure a cohesive approach.  

It is essential to treat your communication strategy holistically, meaning that each component should be viewed as a vital piece of a larger whole. By doing so, you can create a holistic strategy that will maximize your overall impact and help you achieve your desired results. 

By working with an agency like Rostrum, businesses can benefit from the expertise and experience of social media experts, as well as the broader expertise of our team, save time and money, and achieve measurable results. If you want to take your social media strategy to the next level, get in touch via the link below:

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