As the global economy enters a challenging period due to inflation, war, rising interest rates and recessionary fears it is vitally important for businesses to communicate effectively. We can expect to see a wave of consolidation and business failures during the market downturn and businesses will need to clearly communicate their purpose via a clear, consistent public relations strategy in order to retain the trust and engagement of customers, partners, employees and investors.

Communicating with purpose can be challenging for many brands. There is often scepticism when brands make claims that their business model is unable to support, or when they are seen to be jumping on a bandwagon (such as the ESG movement) without effecting real change, leading to accusations of ‘greenwashing’. This is when engaging public relations services from a reputable agency can make the difference between failure and success. Strategic counsel, expert delivery, creative thinking and – crucially – a commitment to measuring success and being accountable for the business value of the programme being recommended are all traits to look for in your choice of PR partner.

When your partnership with your public relations company starts to bear fruit, it’s important to ensure that your PR wins are truly integrated into and amplifying your overall marketing strategy and mix. PR shouldn’t be seen as a separate discipline – rather, it should be treated and evaluated as a vital part of your earned media strategy and an excellent source of respected third party endorsement and validation of your corporate strategy. Good PR enables you to tell your corporate stories, engage key stakeholders and build brand credibility in the marketplace. As we enter a more challenging period for the world economy, standing out via effective communication and a clear, consistent purpose will be a key plank of surviving and thriving for many brands.

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