Social media platforms are constantly evolving. New features are released and updates to algorithms are announced almost daily. It’s key for marketing and social media teams to stay on top of platform updates to ensure they’re making the most of these new ideas and features.

At Rostrum, our team of social media experts have their eyes and ears on the ground to help make sure all of our clients are in the know about the latest changes taking place in the world of social media.

Take a look below for details on the latest announcements and how these might benefit your upcoming campaigns.

This week, we’re kicking off with LinkedIn.


LinkedIn looks to be testing out a much-anticipated new feature that will allow users to schedule content natively on the site. This is in place of needing to schedule posts through a separate platform, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, which as well as requiring paid-for subscriptions can sometimes limit how content is published. For example, some scheduling platforms have difficulties when adding landing page links or when trying to tag users in caption copy. Both Facebook and Twitter already have this option enabled, so this feels like a prudent update for the platform.

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Further illustrating the growing importance of Reels and video content on the platform, Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to add ‘topics’ to their Reels uploads. As Reels are generally pushed to users outside of an account’s follower base, this will help users target their videos at those they most want to reach, with targeting working in the same way as it does for paid ads without requiring the additional spend.

Social Media Today says, “That could provide another way for Instagram to showcase your content to a more engaged, interested audience, which could help to boost your Reels performance, and help you connect with more people who are interested in your brand/content.

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Twitter has recently rolled out a new feature for all profiles, Twitter Circles, which will allow users to publish content to a specially curated group of up to 150 followers or non-followers, rather than to everyone who follows their account. Instagram currently has something similar where people can share Instagram Stories with a select few on a ‘close friends’ list. This could be useful for when brands or individuals need to direct a message or company update to specific groups of people, such as employees or customers.

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