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Award-winning content marketing services from Rostrum

Rostrum enables our clients to address a wide range of different content marketing requirements, from building new websites and creating email campaigns to optimising their social media profiles, designing newsletters and organising client events. We are particularly expert at creating Compressed Content™, enabling you to deliver your messages in an accessible, short-form to reach busy, mobile audiences.

Rostrum produces highly effective Compressed Content™ content marketing campaigns. The dominance of mobile has prompted even traditional companies to embrace new digital channels. As a result, everything from video and webinars to apps, blogs and other innovative tools are now being used to market firms’ content across a range of platforms.

The content marketing we deliver for you draws customers in and keeps them engaged over time. That’s why we invest so much time in planning your content marketing campaign and measuring the return on investment (ROI). One simple “Checklist” we developed for a financial software firm in response to new regulations generated over 150 sales leads for the client in the week we released it.

Our content marketing services have been designed to influence consumer behaviour in line with your specific business objectives. We achieve this goal by creating “Big Ideas” to help shape your messaging for each campaign, and then disseminate and promote these materials across a number of different channels, including print, online, social media and proven content marketing channels. Our unique approach to developing Compressed Content™ means even the busiest of executives or consumers will be able to engage and act on your content marketing messages.

Case Studies

Intelliflo Case Study
HSBC Case Study

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