Copy that cuts through is an essential part of your marketing mix. But how can you ensure that your written output is consistently high-impact, accurate, original and on-message? And – just as importantly – what are the different types of written content that you should be looking to create?

In this blog we break down three common types of copy used by corporates and offer insights on how to make these assets really work for your brand.


Punchy and topical, blogs are great way to shout about a company initiative, an innovative project you’ve worked on or your brand’s response to something in the news. At Rostrum, we usually recommend a length of around 5-600 words. Blogs should be shared on platforms such as LinkedIn as well as your corporate site and any other relevant channels. Remember to include your keywords for SEO throughout.

Thought leadership

Longer-form copy normally takes the form of thought leadership articles, op-eds and bylines – often based around a specific topic or offering insights and opinion, using a topical issue as the jumping off point. Whether analysing a current trend to offer insights to business, or unpicking a particular sector theme, this type of content is an opportunity to set out your stall on key issues. Whether editorial or advertorial, it’s important to keep your sales pitch to a minimum, instead using these articles as an opportunity to position yourself as an expert on issues that matter to your brand.

Research reports and white papers

Some topics demand a more detailed exploration. Whether it’s a challenge facing your sector, or a paper that explores the future of a particular market, a research report gives you space to cover issues in depth. Rostrum’s standard report length is around 3000 words – enough to tackle the key points, while not so long that you risk losing your audience. Visual design comes into play here – the medium needs to bring the message to life via infographics and imagery, enabling you to create an engaging asset that will stimulate engagement and amplification by journalists and other industry stakeholders. At Rostrum, we like Shorthand for this content type – a digital publishing platform that allows brands to create engaging, interactive stories that take your content to the next level.

Finding the right words to tell your story is always a challenge, and that’s precisely where Rostrum can help. Our ‘stable’ of writers is now made up of more than 50 content specialists, including ex-journalists, sector experts, authors and academics. We deploy these writers to help you create, engaging on-message content that cuts through to your audiences.

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